Problem using PS Vita?

Answer Maybe you should ask an expert. Good luck. ☺

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What is better to get if you don't have internetA PS vita 3G or PS vita wi-fi?

If you don't care at all about any of the online functionality, then you'd be better off with the cheaper wi-fi Vita. If you do want to go online with the Vita, then you'd need the 3G version, but ... Read More »

How to Write a Vita?

A curriculum vita (also called a vita, or CV) is similar to a resumé, but it is more extensive and detailed, and is usually used in academic careers and hiring in place of a resumé. A well though... Read More »

Whenever i try to add funds to my ps vita it says this?

Do it on the PC to get around this error or check to make sure your card hasn't expired. If you have another console trying doing it from that Usually that's the problem >< I hope it helps

How much does a Vita Mix cost?

The Vita Mix 5200, the latest in a range of food processors, runs about $450 at the manufacturer's website. It features a wet blade container, an easy-to-remove two-part lid and a cooler, more effi... Read More »