Problem smiling for the camera....any tips?

Answer tape your cheeks up

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Have too much of head ache problem due to strace do u know any tips to reduce it?

If you are talking about estrace...then you need to try cutting it in half, might not need that strong of a hormone..But if it is stress you are talking about try to find out what is causing ... Read More »

My new girlfriend has a problem with her teeth scraping. Any tips on avoiding this?

oh, my poor sensitive muppet. surely she knows that above all else, teeth must NOT be employed in **cough** certain activities.the rules are simple:1. lick2.suck3.swirl4.swallownow, when it comes ... Read More »

Why does he keep looking and smiling at me?

He likes you, but at the same time, respects your space. He is probably really shy around you in the first place, and he is most likely so infatuated that he's scared to make the wrong move, and ha... Read More »

When Smiling..................?

Your cheeks are completly normal. when everyone doesnt smile they can feel their cheekbone very close to their eyes. you have nothin to worry bout. hope i helped c;