Problem installing something on my new computer?

Answer NEVER plug in a USB printer until you have installed the drivers. Sometimes this can prevent it installing correctly at all. Unplug it, then restart your machine, hopefully this will clear any memo... Read More »

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Computer Re-installing problem.?

If you are confirm that you CD is OK. Then just clean your RAM. Because this problem come because of bad RAM. or just reset your mother board. To reset your mother board there is three pin. in whic... Read More »

Windows 8 installing problem?

I just got my laptop with windows 8 too. I also had updates, but what I did is before downloading anything, I went to the store tile and right in the store it said I have updates. what I did was cl... Read More »

Problem In Installing Windows?

just use a REGULAR CD-R its made to fit on a CD unless there is some kind of DVD edition that i am not aware of because i don't use ubuntu and i hate the way it works if you don't like the Ubuntu ... Read More »

Problem installing UB Funkey?