Problem downloading files from the internet?

Answer Because that web site is a bogus one for collecting information about you, such as your: • name • address • email address • phone number • mother's maiden name • digits of ... Read More »

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How to Change Settings to Fix Timeout Errors in Downloading Files From the Internet?

Getting a timeout error when downloading files from the Internet can be a frustrating experience. What can you do about this besides trying to download the file again? The best way to fix timeout e... Read More »

How to Prevent PDF Files from Downloading to My Mac's Desktop?

Adobe portable document format files, or PDFs, make it possible to share designed documents with anyone without a need for the other person to have specific applications. In other words, if you des... Read More »

Downloading forms from the internet?

it could be your browser if your using firefox try using IE and see if this helps or try making it a secure line https instead of http hope this works

I hav a problem downloading videos and pics from my sony dvd camcorder. can anyone help?

I face this problem as well.I even installed the latest version of macromedia 4 times,Then i connect my sony camcorder,And wham the pop-up appears.I have never got past this point.