Problem With My CD Rom Drive?

Answer It might be that the power connector that goes to the CD rom drive has come loose. Open up hardware manage and check to see if the CD rom drive even shows up.

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Pls help!!! problem with my rom drive!!!?

Lg drive lives fa only 1 to 2 year! Time to change ur drive!

Problem with Pen drive help!!!?

Go to the market from where you got this pen drive I think the problem is in the pen drive but before going to the market try this - Shut down the computer or laptop on which the pen drive is and t... Read More »

Problem with disk drive (D) on XP?

Go to 'My Computer' And check if your dive is listed. Then right click the name of the drive and left click 'properties'. Click 'Hardware' And then 'properties'. After that, click 'driver' and then... Read More »

Problem with downloading windows. "drive root is not a valid location"?

Guys, what a few have mentioned here is right, the servers are down. It has got nothing to do with the backslash or any other thing in YOUR directory or computer. The backslah thing might have work... Read More »