Problem Solving Skills in Teaching?

Answer As a teacher, it is important to teach specific life skills, such as problem solving, that can be applied to a variety of academic disciplines. Even within the problem-solving skill-set, there are ... Read More »

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Problem-solving Skills for Students?

Solving problems is an essential skill for students. To survive in today's complex world, youngsters must learn how to think critically and creatively. Teachers and parents can help them identify p... Read More »

Problem Solving Skills in Education?

Give a man a fish and he'll be full for a day; teach a man to fish and he'll be full for a lifetime. This is the philosophy behind the problem-based learning (PBL) model, a series of methods that t... Read More »

Problem-Solving Skills for Adults?

In modern society, specialization and dependence on experts has made life more convenient for some; many adults, though, lack a method and the skills for solving many problems themselves. Some of t... Read More »

Problem Solving Skills for 3rd Grade?

By third grade, students have learned the basics. They know how to read and to add and subtract. The next step is learning how to apply that knowledge through critical thinking and problem-solving ... Read More »