Problem: My 2001 Mustang Won't Start After Sitting All Winter?

Answer It's frustrating to get behind the wheel of your 2001 Ford Mustang for the first time in months, turning the key and finding out your car won't start. After it has sat for a few months, there could... Read More »

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My 2001 Dodge Ram Won't Start After Sitting for One Month?

If you have not operated your 2001 Dodge Ram for a month or longer, you might find that the truck will not start. Long periods without use can cause the truck's fuel and oil to drain out of the eng... Read More »

How to Start a Jeep After Sitting for Two Years?

There are several issues to consider when starting a Jeep that has not been running for an extended period of time. Among these are stale fuel, insufficient engine lubrication and deterioration or ... Read More »

How do i prepare a vehicle to start after sitting for a year and a half?

Well, you are going to have to do quite a bit. You first want to change the oil. Don't try to start the engine or drive it without changing the oil. You want to make sure you have fresh oil to s... Read More »

My 1996 Mercury Villager Won't Start After Sitting for Awhile?

When your 1996 Mercury Villager will not start after sitting for awhile, check out a few things before you decide to call an auto mechanic. Your vehicle has built-in safety features that may interr... Read More »