Problem Children in the Classroom?

Answer Regardless of grade level, every teacher becomes aware of her "problem children" nearly immediately -- the small percentage of students who, whether due to personality, problems at home or problems... Read More »

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How to Use Problem-Based Learning in the Classroom?

Teachers now implement problem-based learning (PBL) at all levels of education for various fields of study. This educational approach is intrinsically motivating because it puts students in charge ... Read More »

How to Problem Solve an Elementary Classroom Game?

Problem solving is typically first taught in math classes in elementary school as critical thinking and strategic planning lessons. These skills will eventually evolve past solving math-orientated ... Read More »

Problem Solving Techniques for Children?

Children need problem-solving skills and should start developing them from a young age. points out that children who learn to solve problems are often less violent when they're older ... Read More »

How to Design the Classroom With 40 Children?

Designing a classroom so it accommodates the needs of children and optimizes their learning experience can take some time and careful planning. Add to that the additional burden of including 40 chi... Read More »