Probiotics contain sugar, what to do?

Answer It depends on what type of sugar it is... if it's Xylitol, Sorbitol, Mannitol, or other sugar alcohol, there's really no concern with the Candida. The same could be said about FOS (fructooligosacch... Read More »

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Why don't probiotics contain the best strain of them all?

Best for what? Best for yeast overgrowth? Diabetes?...If this strain is the best then it is going to be exploited for maximum profit. Western society and societies affected by the West and societie... Read More »

Does agave contain sugar?

Agave is a type of natural sweetener made out of a plant that grows in Mexico. Many people use agave as an alternative to refined sugar because it is, according to AllAboutAgave, actually a type of... Read More »

Does vodka contain sugar?

Vodka is a popular alcoholic drink among individuals, served at parties and other celebrations. Vodka itself does not contain any sugar, according to Nutrition Data. Per shot, it does contain 64 ca... Read More »

Do coffee beans naturally contain sugar?

Coffee beans do not contain sugar in anyways. Unless u put sugar in it! ^_^