Probate Inventory Processes in Texas?

Answer Taking inventory and protecting the assets of the decedent's estate is a primary responsibility of a Texas executor. Probate, which means proving of a last will and testament, is the legal process ... Read More »

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Probate Inventory of Assets?

Entrusted with the preservation and distribution of an estate, probate courts require an inventory of assets form filed on pending probate cases.

Texas Probate FAQs?

Probate law is a legal process governed by state laws that determines the authenticity of a will and puts the executor in power to take care of the estate. Probate is often a source of contention a... Read More »

Who is obligated to probate a will in Texas?

Texas law requires that if a decedent has executed a will and named an executor, the executor must probate the will and administer the decedent's estate. In the event that there is no named execut... Read More »

Texas State Probate Law?

The Texas Probate Code provides the law governing probate matters, including the making of wills, rules of inheritance without a will, administration of estates, establishment of heirs and appointm... Read More »