Pro & Cons of PVC Lumber?

Answer Most PVC lumber is created from recycled products and tends to be environmentally friendly material. There are a group of manufacturers that produce this lumber substitute and generate it from poly... Read More »

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Nominal Lumber Sizes Vs. Dimensional Lumber Sizes?

Lumber for building has two size references: nominal and dimensional. Nominal dimensions refer to lumber before it is cut and dressed to size at the mill. Dimensional lumber is the product that lea... Read More »

Surrogacy cons please besides the cost what are some other cons people do not realize?

Would if a women can't get pregnant? There's no cons there.But if they're to lazy to have their own kid, then that's definitely not the right choice, that's just being self-centered. Plus, God made... Read More »

How to Saw Lumber?

Sawing lumber effectively takes practice, and improper technique can be dangerous. The following steps will guide you through sawing lumber safely and accurately using 2 different methods.

How to Buy Lumber?

Be clear about what you're going to use the lumber for before figuring out how to buy lumber. If you need many different types of lumber, a local lumberyard or sawmill may provide a broader selecti... Read More »