Private School Fundraising Ideas?

Answer Private schools do not receive federal, state or local funding for the operation of the educational institution. Therefore, administrators and teachers must develop creative methods of raising mon... Read More »

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Catholic School Fundraising Ideas?

Fundraising is a fact of life for today's Catholic schools, which always seem to be in need of extra funds for everything from school trips to sports uniforms. For this reason, it's important that ... Read More »

Fundraising Ideas for Kids at School?

School fundraisers generate extra income for educational improvements, boosting the academic experience in the process. Students who participate in fundraisers also benefit in a variety of ways, in... Read More »

The Best School Fundraising Ideas?

When planning a fundraiser for your school, you will want to pick one out that will not only be easy to plan and execute, but also bring in the most money for your efforts. There are many companies... Read More »

Church & School Fundraising Ideas?

The best fundraisers are those that raise a lot of money without having to invest a lot of money in doing so. It's these types of fundraisers that are typically carried out in schools and churches ... Read More »