Privacy Shade Shrubs?

Answer Bushier varieties of shrubs for a natural privacy shade around your property. Some shrubs look best in their natural shape, while others can be kept trimmed to form a distinctive hedge shape. Use f... Read More »

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Tall Shrubs for Privacy?

Choosing the right tall shrub for privacy isn't limited to the typical evergreen or privet hedge. Planting colorful or unusual shrubs in a line can provide desired privacy, while adding an appealin... Read More »

The Best Shrubs to Plant for Privacy?

Shrubs can provide a living privacy hedge that also enhances the landscape and provides a windbreak and a green backdrop for other plantings as well as shelter for birds and other small wildlife. S... Read More »

The Best Shrubs for a Privacy Screen?

Shrubs planted as hedges create effective privacy screening and natural landscape barriers. Prickly and thorny hedges can also provide an element of security as well. Hedges need regular maintenanc... Read More »

The Best Shrubs for Privacy Along the Fence in South Texas?

South Texas has plenty of sunshine, ample rain and a temperate climate that supports a wide range of plant types. To keep maintenance low, choose evergreen plants that will just fill the space you ... Read More »