Printing problem,can you help please?

Answer Coincidence!I just re-filled my Lexmark's color cartridge.I think you do have some air between the fresh ink and the printhead holes. Sometimes different inks'll react together and clump up in the ... Read More »

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You should have a menu bar on your IE or browser to enable you to select print page. Are you using IE7? It can print the page nicely so you won't lose the bits on the right margins. Otherwise you'l... Read More »

Need help printing a large photo! please help!?

I think you can do that with print shop, I have done signs like that and glued the pages to gather...

Help with printing paper Please help!!?

no. by connecting it to a monitor in the library wont help in any way. all you have to do is save your paper in a flash drive or a cd whatever you have and then open it on the library computer and ... Read More »

Printing from dos program Please help!?

Hi PennyOpen the command windowsTypecopy filename.txt lpt1: /bedit...go in the Cmos and see if the pci card is installed in the ports. That would account for not seeing it. Cmos has to have that in... Read More »