Printing pictures. HELP PLEASE [10 POINTS]?

Answer OK, Ill just answer this myself, as from the relpies I have seen, most are common sence or a waste of time (sorry guys).The lines: Well, the printer cartridges need aligning, if using XP or Vista, ... Read More »

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How do i convert a video to pictures for printing?

Prepare the ImagePlay the video and press "Pause" when you see the image you want to capture. Use the sliders in your video player to move forward or backward to arrive at exactly the right shot (k... Read More »

What are the options for printing digital pictures?

AnswerDigital photography makes your print processing easier and cheaper. You can choose your photo paper, which printer type to use or choose an online printing service to print your photos.Here a... Read More »

What is a good printer for around $100 for printing pictures?

Canon ip4600 -4700 Printer only not multifunction as they suck. The photo quality is as good as photos from a proper photo lab. Read the reviews if you don't believe me, Read More »

Canon mp250 printing pictures?

You can adjust the printer settings within the printer's software. You can vary how vibrant or saturated the colors will look before printing. If you open up the installed software, it will also gi... Read More »