Printing or photocopying... which is cheapest?

Answer Just checked Staples today and the price for self service copying is 8¢ for black and 46¢ for color.Using your printer cost about 20¢ per page. Think you should be able to do much better at Stap... Read More »

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Cheapest Printer for ink and day to day printing?

Hi there,I actually work for a printer consumable retailer, I'd like to think I am in a good position to answer your question! Firstly, completely disagree with "avoid inkjet printers", you just ha... Read More »

What is the difference between copying and photocopying something?

I would guess that he was using the term "photocopy" to mean a xerographic copy. While technically if you scan something and print it, it is a photocopy, this is not how photocopies are usually mad... Read More »

Copyright & Photocopying Laws?

Books, magazines, trade journals and newspapers are all considered published works. According to United States copyright laws, a published piece of work is protected from copyright infringement; ho... Read More »

Is photocopying text plagiarism?

Plagiarizing is copying something (Text, pictures) from a source, and claiming it is done by you. So, if you clearly state and give credit to the person who photocopied it in the bibliography or an... Read More »