Printers and Documents Deleted?

Answer Hi Enily, once the document is deleted, it is gone and you cannot untrace it.There is a printer's log in your windows directory which you can delete as it is uimportant and only used like a log book.

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How to Retrieve Deleted Documents?

Most people who use a computer will have accidentally deleted a document at some time or other and will have initially suffered that feeling of dejection. The good news is that all may not be lost.... Read More »

How do I recover deleted WordPad documents?

Documents That Were Saved Before DeletionOpen your recyle bin to view your deleted files. To do this, double-click the recycle bin icon from your desktop or start menu. Look through the file names ... Read More »

Why is it that you can go to the Printers menu and delete a document, but it never gets deleted?

I am always disappointed with windows, too. Especially after a long winter and when spring finally comes along you open them up to find 45,098 dead bugs all dried up and crunchy, in a pile in the ... Read More »

I've Heard Repeatedly that Manufacturers of Ink-Jet Printers Are Deliberately Under Pricing their Printers-?

I don't have an answer, but I sure have a comment. I like my Lexmark printer, but I feel I've been robbed every time I but new ink cartridges. For a low paid community college history instructor,... Read More »