Printers I need one that prints in color with ok quailty Is this one any good?

Answer If you can still get one (ARGOS had them at half price) - get the HP C3180£39,99 (reduced from £79.99)Very good all in one - scanner, copier & printer - photo print comes out really clear and cri... Read More »

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I need a camera that good for taking high quality photos of my paintings and can make large clear prints.?

You need a few things to make this happen* a good dSLR* a macro lens (they are the sharpest and show the least vignetting, pincushion or barrel distortion)* a sturdy tripod* two 500 watt incandesce... Read More »

I need to know what printers would work with my computer that has 63 RAM of memory?

As long as the printer drivers are compatible with your operating system you can use any printer.With that little of RAM I suspect you are running Win95 or Win98.

This one PDF file is clearly in color but my printer prints it in black and white?

open control panel - devices and printerschoose your printer and select properties and adjust settings for your printer

My favorite color is pink and i need another color that goes with pink to paint my room?

I love the color pink paired up with chocolate brown