Printer wont stop printing when cancel is pressed?

Answer Unplug it

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Epson R265 wont stop printing, seems stuck in a loop-How can i cancel it?

turn off the printer,(unplug it if you have to) go to control panel > printers, open up the printer and make sure the spool is empty, restart the PC to

How in God's name do you get a printer to stop printing?

my mom has an HP printer that does the same thing. The printer is actually the one who's in charge. the only way to rectify is to get a different printer.sorry dude. that's just the way it is.

How can I stop my printer from printing wonkily?

Okay, Take out all the paper. Put 1 (One) piece in making sure that it touches the *BOTH* sides of the paper dock at all times, making sure the paper is in the VERTICAL/HORIZONTAL/DIAGONAL (dependa... Read More »

How do you stop your printer from printing the same thing?