Printer won't print and just feeds paper! Need Help!?

Answer call customer service

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Does shoppers drug mart have a printer i can use i need to print paper not photos help please !!!!!?

Why my printer wont print the pictures i need?

Tell me What error Are you Getting , Check the Wire , Check the Status of Printer is it online ,After that try reinstall printer driver

My canon printer suddenly wont print magenta and yellow. I just refilled the ink. What to do?

I really hope you didn't use universal ink. Canons use a very thin ink. If so replace cartridges with name brand before completing the next step. What you need to do now is print head/nozzle clean... Read More »

My printer status says "out of paper" and will not print, but there's a fat stack of paper in the tray! Help?

Start > Run and type net stop spoolerDelete everything in C:\Windows\system32\spool\PRINTERS\Restart computer orStart > Run and type net start spoolerAll that assuming you're running a Windows XP. ... Read More »