Printer will print blank pages On Epson Stylus NX127 ?

Answer check on the setting for you to print colored.

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My Epson Stylus NX127 won't print?

has the printer been sitting around idle for a long time? it sounds like the heads are clogged or the cartridges dried out. This cleaner might help…

I cannot print my excel file using my Epson Stylus T13X printer, Why?

Before you print, especially for the first time, set the printer name to your Printer (Epson Stylus T13X ) as your current Excel session could be set to another printer. Check your print queue, del... Read More »

Why does my printer, print blank pages When it says i have ink.?

If you haven't used the printer in awhile, the printheads may be clogged with ink. Try running the printhead cleaning utility for the printer to see if that will clear it. If not, take out the cart... Read More »

Printer will print blank pages ?

It MAY be, my friend, that there are printing restrictions on the .pdf file. i.e. the author of the .pdf document doesn't want anyone to be able to print it out.You can check this by opening the do... Read More »