Printer will not scan pencil drawings?

Answer All scanners can scan pencil drawing. The secret is to put a few blank sheets of paper over your original document so the light doesn't pass through. Secondly, set the scanner to 600 dpi and adjust... Read More »

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How to Get Good at Pencil Drawings?

It's easy to feel jealous because everyone else is so much better at drawing than you are. Fear no more! This is the solution to your problem.

What's a good scanner for scanning pencil drawings?

Try a Lexmark X85. It picks up everything. I tried it with my drawings and it worked out perfectly.

What is the best scanner for scanning pencil drawings/traditional work?

Any decent scanner can do this is set properly. If you want a good low cost scanner that scans nice, get the HP G-3110 or the HP G-4010 for legal size drawings.The secret is to set the scanner to s... Read More »

How do I scan drawings onto my computer?

Well you can go to control panel, printers, and then right click on the printer and scan or something like that (varies from comp to comp). Then it should start the scan. If you can start it from... Read More »