Printer says i cant print because no fax number provided?

Answer Fax is set probably as default printer. You have to change that to your actual printer. If it's a multi-function printer, it should have a drop down selection when you click print. If not, you may ... Read More »

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Wireless printer wont print (laptop says printer offline)?

Try uninstalling the printer driver software & then reinstalling it.I've got an HP wireless printer that does the same thing on occasion.

I cant get my printer to print anything..?

Here are some things you should try:Restart the computer 1. Restart the computer. 2. After the computer has started, double-click the Printer icon ( ) in the System Tray. The print qu... Read More »

My printer says paper jam and won't print... i checked the printer there is no paper inside?

Depends on the printer...If it's a big laser then it's found somewhere to hide a sheet of paper that you've not seen yet... in the fuser or duplexer is a good bet. Check real carefully and you may ... Read More »

How do I get my printer to print a word document It says it is offline?

Offline usually means it's not turned on.