Printer problem! I really need help and fast!?

Answer cartridge jams are often cause by paper jams remove the paper turn of the printer wait then turn back on and replace paper then go to the control panel go to printers and accessories and run a prin... Read More »

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Printer problem, need help fast.?

You have a software problem or a defective printer.Things to try:- try a different program, see if it prints ok (this will validate if it is an application-specific issue)- print just a test page (... Read More »

Printer problem...?

hi some printers will recharge the ink cartridges automactically after a new cartridge is inserted okalso some printers have a chip on the head of the cartridge that will need resetting if it is r... Read More »

What is the problem in my printer?

Hi GailRemove the cartridge and see if their is not a piece of tape that fell in the socket by accident. Secondly, make sure you remove the tape from the new cartrdige before installing it.Otherwis... Read More »

Printer problem! help!?

Yes, most likely your printer is fine. Most likely the ink is dried at the holes of the printheads & is clogging it, preventing ink from coming out. This is a well known & common problem of inkjet ... Read More »