Printer issue solved with help from crickey?

Answer That's great! But I don't think he'll know from just posting another question, which is essentially what you did. If you want to contact him directly to thank him, go back to your original question... Read More »

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I bought a #93 Hp Printer refill and originally myHp printer came with a #75 ink cartridge. Is there any issue?

Typically you have to match the HP cartridge numbers. However you could try to use the #93 HP Ink Cartridge and see if that works.…

What knives were used in vietnam. army issue.marine issue and navy seal issue?

Answer In Vietnam the army issue knife was the M7 bayonet still in service with some countries today. The Marines carried, as they have since World War II, the Ka-Bar USMC combat knife. This knife... Read More »

Printer issue.?

LOL, yeah, printers dont come with chords, ever. You will have to buy a USB cable on your own. You can ususally get like an all in one back, comes with ink, paper, and other accesories.

In need help with a printer issue?

Go to the printer manufacturer's website. They should have your printer driver there.