Printer is printing black dots on the sides?

Answer try to cleane ur catredge once and then u deleat all drivers of ur printer and re-install the driversometime it will happen because of wrong settings also

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I am getting these thin white lines and dots in the black ink when printing?

Most likely it's due to the recycled ink cartridge. The cartridge may be old & slightly worn out & shouldn't have been recycled. The nozzles are probably slightly dirty or slightly larger than they... Read More »

How can I save ink on my colour printer by not printing your colour adverts or headings or printing in black o?

Drag your cursor over just what you want to print, not the whole page, and highlight it. Then click on File and Print (NOT the print button at the top of the page), and choose "Print Selected." T... Read More »

Why is my printer not printing black ink?

You can refill your cartridge however make sure you do it correctly from a good refill site.As we can see at this page which is particular to your Kodak printer model Read More »

How do I trick my printer into printing with black ink only?

don't you think you should learn how something works before you try to trick it to do something unintended? you will destroy your printer because you are trying to save spending $1 for an ink cartr... Read More »