Printer is making sounds when turned off. What is the problem?

Answer don't worry.... it's true I can't hear the sound but it's most probably cleaning the inkers head...... if you've recently bought it don't panic and give yourself some time to learn your printer's a... Read More »

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I just turned on my computer and it's making long beeping sounds.?

if that is a desktop pc, check on the connections. if it wouldn't work still, open the CPU and look for the memory...the long slender hardware with lots of microchips on it. try to eject and put it... Read More »

My printer won't respond when I try to print. Troubleshooter says it is turned off, but it is turned on.?

It may be offlineFirst, check to see if all connections are secure and in placeStart Devices and printersRight click your printer iconSelect see what's printingClick on the word printerRemove ch... Read More »

Dslr Canon T2i Camera is making a bad clicking sounds when I try to focus it?

I would hazard a guess that either someone has tried to manually focus it when in AF and that has strained/broken the AF drive mechanism, or it's failed of its own accord. Anyway it'll probably be... Read More »

Does audio sync means the video is making blurry sounds along with the regular video sounds?

No it means the audio is in time with the video.If you have sync problems then your picture and audio are out of sync.