Printer ink-can anyone give me the very cheapest sites for ink in the uk thanx?

Answer Hi there.... I use Ebay, I got a fantastic deal on there for colour and black inkjet Epson C60 cartidges ..... 16 cartridges for £7.00Terry:-)

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Which printer has the cheapest printer ink, but best quality?

Kodak keeps pushing the fact that their cartridges are $10 while everyone else's is close to $20 but... based on the number of complaints posted here, the printers have a lot of problems and since ... Read More »

What's the cheapest home printer scanner copier, based on cost of ink cartridges + cost of printer itself.?

The HP C5180 In my opinion is the best printer on the market right now as far as quality, speed, cost of ink, and cost of printer. This printer is great for photos and the ink is very decently pric... Read More »

Can anyone give me a very good brand of printer .. I have a printer by HP..PSC1350 it sucks.. help?

First you need to decide what you want from the printer and then ask!There are printers good in one area and others good in another.If you print in BW - > laser printerProfessional color - > Dye Su... Read More »

What is the cheapest 3d printer out there?

A 3 d Printer is around $20k and not $1000. Look it up if you are referring to a real 3D printer.