Printer help please......?

Answer With most printers you are required to have ink in both the black and color ink cartridges in order to print in black as they work in conjunction with each other. So you will need to have the both ... Read More »

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EPSON printer. My printer has jammed ,it wil not print any thing ,can someone help me please?

totally agree with him .my pen always falls down the back if not they are 2 a penny now for £20 except your losses and pick up a new one

Help my computer does not detect a printer. I try to install it again but its still the same. Please help me.?

Try uninstalling and reinstalling,or inserting disk,going on My computer and look for anything that says setup or drivers.I'm no technician,bit did thus when trying to install Brother printer and i... Read More »

Need help in buying a new printer.. Please help!?

The cartridge it comes with only prints 700 pages, the cartridge which you will buy when the one it comes with runs out will yield 1600 pages. As a side note, 1600 pages is a terribly low yield f... Read More »

Printer help PLEASE!?

If the printer won't even start, it could be a software problem. Try restarting(make sure you save your work) or, if that does not work you could delete and reinstall your printer. AND if that does... Read More »