Printer giving more ink for my money?

Answer I think the biggest factor is going to be how much you are printing and what you normally print. i.e. lots of color, plain black text etc... Look on the different vendors websites for color coverag... Read More »

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Which Printer is more economic to run, Inkjet or Laser Printer. My requirement is about 150 pages p.m.?

If you are going to print 150 pages every month, then you should go with a Laser printer. Not a very heavy duty one, but one of the more economic laser printer versions. Inkjet, will be extremely c... Read More »

Is a laser printer much more costly than an ink printer?

Hi TrikiThe cartdrige is more expensive to but than inkjet, but the cost per page is way cheaper on a Laser..That's for sure.WAY CHEAPER !!!

Is abortion more painful or giving birth?

Childbirth is more painful. A medical abortion can hurt since you have cramps but you can also get painkillers so you can stand it and it differs from person to person. A surgical abortion is done ... Read More »

My HP printer keeps giving a false reading that it is out of paper .?

Please let me know the model number of your printer,First try,Click "Start" button on left side of the Desktop to popup Start menu, Click "Run" in Start menu to open Run window. Type the word "SERV... Read More »