Printer for vista?

Answer For issues like:1.Vista cannot connect to XP printer share2.Printer spooler stopped vista print spooler wont restartWell.... Vista... I have it on my new networked pc.It looks grea... Read More »

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Can i add a printer on my vista OS if the printer is connected to a pc with XP?

if the software/drivers are compatible with vista and you have a router (if the printer can be networked) I can't see why it would cause a problem

Vista, XP, and Vista Printer Sharing?

Here's the Microsoft Help page on how to Share a Printer (for Windows Vista):…It'll walk you through it. If you continue to have problems, click on Troubl... Read More »

How do I add a printer in Vista?

Open the Printer Control PanelClick the Windows button and type "printer" in the search box. Click the Printer icon that appears.Connect and Add Your PrinterClick "Add a Printer" from the top toolb... Read More »

How can i setup hp printer in VISTA?

Plug in the USB cable and start using it,Vista have all the drivers preinstalled,U can Print (And copy and scan if it is an all in one).Or u can get the customised driver from hpHere is the Link..T... Read More »