Printer Problem - White lines through image?

Answer What you have is a classic example of what is called "Banding".It can be caused by any number of things:1) clogged printhead nozzles2) printheads need to be aligned & calibrated3) print quality is ... Read More »

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Is there any driver of printer which prints image in to dotted(PostScript) image. Which printer provide this ?

Any postscript printer will do the jobI am using HP printer at present but now many printers support postscript driver.

Your screen is black in the center with a white turqouise and blue vertical lines on the left and red yellow white purple and blue vertical lines on the right what is wrong?

Horizontal Lines on the Image?

I'm assuming that you have a digital camera. If, after d'loading the files to the computer, you still have horizontal lines, what's probably happening is that the electronic connectors are coming l... Read More »

Horizontal grainy lines on an image mean a digital camera is destroyed?

Answer The question begs another one or two before an answer can be given :-How is the digital image being viewed? - several possibilities exist :-1)On the camera LCD display2)On a computer monito... Read More »