Print out in bigger print?

Answer You need to select the text or font size in the application you are printing from, not in the printer driver. The font size is controlled by your printing application, it is not a feature of the pr... Read More »

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Could you please tell me. when i print form a web page it is in small print. how can i enlarge the print.?

On Internet explorer You can enlarge/reduce the text on the web page you want to print by pressing CTRL and and moving your wheel mouse up or down. Another option to change your text size is to cl... Read More »

How do I get bigger print?

When I print an e-mail from yahoo the print size is very small. whenprinting from documents the print size is?

Open up the what you want to printLeft click and highlight either part or the whole area you want printedRight click the highlighted area and click print previewChange the box "As laid out on scree... Read More »

How do you print patterns bigger than your printer paper?

Adobe Acrobat Pro allows for tiled printing. You can download the free trial at a side note, I make these hats at Read More »