Print on a 3.5x5 index card?

Answer Start For XPSettingsPrinters and faxesRight click the printer icon, and select printer preferencesSelect Paper/Quality tabScroll down to size is and select 3/5 index cardTurn printer on Windows 7S... Read More »

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How do I print on an index card?

There are special little printers to print on index cards. If You use a normal printer You will end up ruining You printer, by jamming it up.

How to Make a 3X5 Index Card Tower Using 20 Index Cards?

Index card tower building is an assignment given by teachers to students to help them understand the basics of physics. The requirement of the assignment can be height, strength or stability from t... Read More »

Can you print on index tabs in an hp 8500?

The HP 8500 cannot print on index tabs that are cut into normal file folders. The area that is the index tab on the file folder is outside the normal margins that the printer can use. As an alterna... Read More »

How to Print PowerPoint Slides on Index Cards?

Often while giving a PowerPoint presentation, it helps to have notes in front of you so that you know what is coming up on the next slide. You can print out the slides onto full pages, but these ca... Read More »