Print Screen button takes a picture of the screen?

Answer Yes then open paint and paste it there, then save it.

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How do I make the print screen button on my keyboard print the screen?

In order to use the 'Print Scrn' button on your keyboard, you have a couple of choices of what you can do.If you want to capture the entire screen that you see on your monitor, hold down the SHIFT ... Read More »

How do I use the Print Screen button on my Dell?

After you have pressed Print Screen you will need to go into another program such as PAINT and then paste the image from the clipboard.

Where is the"print screen"button?

The location of the "Print Screen" button will differ depending on what type of computer you are using. On Windows, the "Print Screen" button is located on the top row of keys after the F12 button ... Read More »

How to Remap a Mouse Button to Print the Screen?

While some older mouse software excludes the feature, most newer mouse drivers allow you to change the assignment of the mouse buttons to perform a variety of different tasks. Using your operating ... Read More »