Principles of the Interpersonal Learning Theory?

Answer The Theory of Multiple Intelligences developed by Howard Gardner has strongly affected the way we understand intelligence and learning. Gardner argues that each person has specific intellectual str... Read More »

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Principles of the Constructivist Theory & Distance Learning?

With origins in philosophy and psychology, constructivism is a theory that describes how people perceive the world and actively construct knowledge based on their own understandings. In other words... Read More »

Principles of Perception and Interpersonal Relationships?

The adage "perception is reality" holds true in interpersonal relationships. If your perceptions of a person or situation holds truth for you, they should be paid attention to, even if the facts do... Read More »

Principles of Organizational Theory?

Organizational theory is a set of ideas and studies as to how people interact in groups. A basic understanding of organizational theory is key if you are running a business because you will likely ... Read More »

Principles of the Distributed Leadership Theory?

Schools are hungry for leaders who can transform the school culture for the better. The distributed leadership theory holds that educational leadership is often not held in one person, but is inste... Read More »