Principal Parts of English Verbs?

Answer In the English language, the principal parts of a verb are the four forms of the verb which serve as starting points in creating all other verbs. The four principal parts are the base, the present ... Read More »

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The Four Principal Parts of Irregular Verbs?

One of the basic parts of speech is the verb, or action word. Verbs can be written, or conjugated, into past, present and future tense. However, not all verbs follow the simple pattern of adding th... Read More »

Principal Parts of Verbs for Kids?

Verbs, as we know, describe something that is being done, such as running, studying, playing and jumping. Depending on the sentence, however, verbs can be used in different ways. To know the right ... Read More »

How to Conjugate Verbs in English?

The conjugation of a verb is the regular arrangement of the forms of the verb -- in the various voices. The voices are first, second, and third person singular and first, second, and third person p... Read More »

How to Teach English Verbs?

You need to teach someone English Verbs? Here's some tips!