Primitive Moccasin Tools?

Answer Moccasins are one of the oldest shoes still being produced in modern-day styles. Fashioned out of animal hide, moccasins date back as early as 5,500 years ago according to Discovery News. Originall... Read More »

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Can you eat a water moccasin?

It is reported that all species of snakes are able to killed, cooked and eaten. Water moccasins are poisonous, but their venom sacs are located directly behind their head. The venom can be removed... Read More »

Where did the word moccasin originate?

Moccasin is a shoe made from tanned leather sewn together. The word moccasin originated with the Algonquian Native Americans. Variations of the word, depending on the native language spoken, have ... Read More »

Water Moccasin Information?

The water moccasin or cottonmouth (Agkistrodon piscivorus) is a large, venomous aquatic snake native to the United States. These snakes belong to the pit viper family, the same family of snakes tha... Read More »

The Habitat of the Cottonmouth Moccasin?

The cottonmouth, Agkistrodon piscivorus, is a semi-aquatic species of venomous snake, found only in North America. Its habitats relate to their diets, with this snake using its powerful venom to di... Read More »