Primary Sequence Activities?

Answer Sequential order, or placing items in the order in which they occur, is important in every subject in the primary classroom. Sequence of events in reading leads to understanding the plot of the sto... Read More »

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Sequence Activities for Kindergarten?

Kindergarten students practice sequencing as a part of literacy. Sequencing helps students learn to logically think through the steps required to complete a task. It may also help students remember... Read More »

Kindergarten Sequence of Events & Activities?

It is important to teach a child that many things in life have an order of events and one event needs to come before another in order to reach the final result. Kindergarten is a great year to star... Read More »

How to Sequence Activities for High School?

Relevant activities are a vital piece of a quality high school lesson plan. Without them, students are put in a "sit and get" scenario and are not able apply what they have learned. Picking high-qu... Read More »

6th Grade Math Activities on Patterns & Sequence?

The ability to identify patterns and sequences is an important aspect of critical thinking and problem solving. Children who have a firm foundation of these math skills have an easier time transiti... Read More »