Primary Research Techniques?

Answer Researchers like primary research because it is straight from the source. Instead of reading someone else's interpretation of an event of artifact, researchers experience it for themselves. Sources... Read More »

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Primary Teaching Techniques?

As most teachers know, keeping the attention of children is not an easy task. Young children are easily distracted and lose concentration without the constant focus and direction of the class leade... Read More »

What is primary research?

According to the Purdue Online Writing Lab, primary research is "any type of research that you go out and collect yourself." In other words, you do the work, in contrast to secondary research, whic... Read More »

Primary Grade Assessment Techniques?

Many people use the words "assessment" and "evaluation" interchangeably, but assessment involves objective collection of student data, while an evaluation uses this information to create a professi... Read More »

What Are the Different Forms of Primary Research?

Primary research is an important addition to a variety of different projects and reports that students in both high school and college may undertake. However, there are different ways that a person... Read More »