Primary Phonics Games?

Answer One of the most important parts of the primary educational curriculum is learning to read and write. Because phonics is a fundamental in early childhood development, teachers and parents often use ... Read More »

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Primary Phonics Activities?

The process of learning to read is complex, but one important piece is learning the connections between letters and sounds. This study of letters, patterns and sounds is called phonics, and it form... Read More »

Primary Phonics Resources?

Phonics is a system for learning to read and write. This system focuses on the sounds associated with letters. This is based upon the concept that the alphabet is a sound code, meaning that each le... Read More »

About Phonics in Primary Schools?

The term "phonics" refers specifically to connecting the written letters of the English alphabet with the spoken sounds they make, and phonics practice serves as a key step in introducing young stu... Read More »

How to Learn Primary Decoding & Phonics?

Becoming a fluent reader means having a strong foundation in basic decoding skills. Basic decoding skills depend on phonics instruction. Students need to practice in a variety of methods in applyin... Read More »