Primary Parts of a Compound Microscope?

Answer The compound microscope is generally considered to have been invented by Zacharias Jansen in the 1590s, with improvements coming throughout the 16th century from Robert Hooke and Anthony van Leeuwe... Read More »

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What is the compound microscope used for?

The compound microscope's magnification ability makes it indispensable in crime scene investigation, medical research, botany and educational science laboratories. The low cost makes it affordable,... Read More »

What is a compound microscope?

The compound microscope, a common instrument in schools and laboratories, uses the natural laws of optics to make tiny objects visible in considerable detail.DescriptionA compound microscope, also ... Read More »

How to Use a Compound Microscope?

A compound microscope is a powerful magnification tool commonly used in scientific laboratories for viewing bacteria and other tiny cell samples. Compound microscopes use at least two convex lenses... Read More »

What power should be used on a compound microscope?

The power of the objective lens you should use on your compound microscope depends on the specimen you are trying to view. Living protists, metazoans, algae, and other microscopic plant material ca... Read More »