Primary Language Resources?

Answer Primary language resources are audio and visual materials that native speakers produce. When learning another language, primary resources that are in your target language, or language you wish to l... Read More »

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Primary Resources Vs. Secondary Resources?

Students in social studies classrooms need to utilize and differentiate between primary and secondary sources. A primary source is a document or artifact which was written or created during the tim... Read More »

Primary Online Resources?

Primary sources are firsthand accounts of events being researched. Examples of primary sources include but are not limited to: autobiographies, diaries, interviews, letters, news footage, official ... Read More »

Primary Drama Resources?

Providing a drama curriculum for young students can assist in developing tools for reading, writing, and for social interaction and self-expression. An education in drama does not necessarily enta... Read More »

Primary Phonics Resources?

Phonics is a system for learning to read and write. This system focuses on the sounds associated with letters. This is based upon the concept that the alphabet is a sound code, meaning that each le... Read More »