Primary Grade Assessment Techniques?

Answer Many people use the words "assessment" and "evaluation" interchangeably, but assessment involves objective collection of student data, while an evaluation uses this information to create a professi... Read More »

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Types of Fourth-Grade Literacy Assessment Techniques?

At the fourth-grade level, students should be able to read passages and answer comprehension questions, as well as use prior reading skills to understand the text. Fourth-graders should be able to ... Read More »

Assessment Tools for Primary Students?

Teachers assess primary school students so that they can gauge student progress and make appropriate changes to enhance student learning. Assessments must target the entire range of student learnin... Read More »

Techniques for Classroom Assessment ?

As a teacher, you want to know how effective your teaching methods are and what your students retain from your lessons. Classroom assessment techniques are quality management tools that teachers us... Read More »

Types of Primary Formative Assessment Tasks?

Formative assessment is a useful tool for the teacher and student. The feedback from tasks is useful in altering educational methods to better meet the needs of the student. Therefore, the educator... Read More »