Primary Economics Lessons?

Answer Primary level students need to know that money provides for wants and needs, but it is not an infinite resource. Money is used to make a fair trade, and can be counted, added when put into savings ... Read More »

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Economics Education Lessons?

A solid understanding of economics teaches students about business fundamentals, and how to budget and spend more wisely. It also deepens understanding of world events and issues in the news. The N... Read More »

Economics Lessons & Activities?

The principles of economics, although integral to daily life, can be difficult to grasp for schoolchildren. Because of the subject's abstract nature, students are unlikely to respond well to writte... Read More »

Elementary Home Economics Lessons?

Although home economics is not generally taught in modern public and private elementary schools, during the early 1900s it was included to educate pupils who might drop out after the sixth grade, a... Read More »

Home Economics Classroom Lessons?

In home economics class, students to learn about the issues facing an adult in the home. The class, for both boys and girls, can encompass sewing and cleaning, as well as household chores such as c... Read More »