Prickly Pear....I never knew, need answers please.?

Answer You would most likely find them in a Latin Market. They are also called Cactus Pears. The skin is prickly and usually green. The fruit inside is soft with scattered black seeds. It's melon like ... Read More »

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Why are cactuses prickly?

Cactuses are prickly so the animals stay of the and so the animals can't drink the water out of them!!!

How to How to Eat Prickly Pear Cactus?

Prickly pear cactus has been a staple of the Mexican and Central American diet for thousands of years. In parts of the U.S. it has been gaining popularity as an exotic, gourmet and healthy addition... Read More »

Uses for Prickly Pear Cactus?

Prickly pears constitute a large and diverse group of cacti. In fact, the name can refer to virtually any member of the genus Opuntia. Opuntia is the largest genus in the cactus family and possesse... Read More »

How to Grow Prickly Pears?

Prickly Pear in BloomPrickly pears are a type of cactus. Prickly pears are native to the Southwestern United States and Mexico. They are drought-resistant, edible, and also have quite pretty blooms... Read More »