Pricking feeling :( Please help me?

Answer keeping in one position ur hand will have proper blood flow

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Im feeling weird....please help!!!please!!?

For starters, I suggest you start eating three meals a day because when you only eat two meals a day your body thinks you are starving and collects all your fat and stores it away in preparation of... Read More »

Feeling insecure lately :( please help?

Insecure about what? The fact that you have a perfect skin tone? A beautiful smile? Ideal height and weight? I think you're very pretty, plus you seem to have an interesting, outgoing personality! :D

Feeling like a lump in my throat, help please?

Hmm sounds weird. I've had something like this happen to me before and it was a pain. Try sucking on a few ice-cubes, your throat may be swollen and the ice could help it reduce the swelling.

Please help, shivering and feeling extremely dizzy :(((((?

Hi yes you can get a doctor if required but stay in bed and only sip water as your mother said it sounds like food poisoning which needs to be just rest getting rid of what caused it by vomit ting ... Read More »