Pricing Factors That Go Into Building a Home?

Answer The white picket fence that goes around your dream home may only cost $2,000, but such a comforting touch is but one small pricing factor of building a home. Author and home builder Carl Heldmann e... Read More »

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If you are building a new home what factors should you consider to keep heating and cooling costs down?

The most important is heat gain and heat loss of the house, ie/ good windows and doors, along with plenty of insulation, it is also important to size your heating and cooling unit properly, oversiz... Read More »

Factors in Auto Pricing?

Searching for a new vehicle can be exciting, but also anxiety-raising if you are not familiar with the ins-and-outs of negotiating and dealership pricing. Unbeknown to many, there are some dealers... Read More »

Factors That Influence a Firm's Pricing Strategy?

Pricing strategy is critical to both the firm and its customers. From the company's perspective, setting the right price plays a key role in generating sufficient revenue and profit. To consumers, ... Read More »

What are the factors that influence building a house?

Worse than that; the airspace over Washington DC is "prohibited". There are narrow corridors to get to Reagan National Airport, but the area over the White House and the Capitol are prohibited to a... Read More »