Prices for breakfast in Hometown Buffet?

Answer I'd go a bit higher. Maybe 7 to 8 dollars.

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What are the prices for hometown buffet in merced CA?

Not sure but would be in range of $15 to $20 per person.This is a division of Ryan's in my area and it is about $10 per person but in CA things are much higher.

What are the prices for a two people lunch at hometown Buffet?

Adults, a bit under $10.00 but they now charge for drinks so if you are going to have anything other than water expect to pan another $2.00 or 3.00 for the drinks. Sunday lunch is a bit more they c... Read More »

How much for hometown buffet Before it cost $10?

I used to eat at a Chinese buffet for $9 per person, but they closed down because sumo-Japanese people would come and take advantage and eat all the shrimp -_________-

Will hometown buffet take expired coupons?

Nobody takes expired coupons. You have to use them by the expiration date.