Pretty and Unique Girl Names?

Answer AuraleeCoralieElodieAlauraLissetteLintley

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What are some really unique names for boy and girl twins?

Sahara is a great name for a girl cant really think one for a boy.. hmm.. i thin someone else will answer the boy part. yeaa.

If a girl is pretty does the fact that she is dark-skinned make her not pretty enough?

no but everyone is attracted to different kinds of ppl...

Name Octuplets using these unique names! (BNG)?

1) Olive Kay2) Ainslie Lynette3) Danica Brielle4) Marlie Roze5) Lukas Blake6) Braedon Jaymes7) Zachary Lewis8) Jameson Chase

Name {x] children with these UNIQUE names?

Alice Ezri (Ali)Zaada Rose (Ada)Isabella Sapphire (Bella)Analise Jane (Ana)Charlotte Rubiana (Lottie)Sophia Esma (Fia)Kane Jonah (Kay)Alexander Elias (Zan)Zayn Samson (Zay)Jacob Carlisle (Jay)Josep... Read More »